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cropped-dtengineering-logo-square-1.jpgDesign Technology & Engineering Teaching Resources is the home of quality professional teaching & learning resources dedicated to Design Technology (DT) and Engineering.

In the spirit of the Society for Education and Training’s professional standard on collaboration this website was set up to share ideas with other teachers and educators in the design technology and engineering subject field.

6) Build positive and collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners

20) Contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others

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Getting off to the best start with a new class


Getting off to the best start with a new class…

Class Teaching

Whether you are an NQT or an experienced teacher, standing in front of a new class, or thinking about doing so, for the first time is always a bit daunting.  The first few weeks with a new class are so important, and can set the tone for the rest of the year.  So with September looming, here are some practical tips, to help you get off to the best possible start with your new classes, over the coming weeks.

  1. Have a seating plan – this is the most important weapon we have in our armoury and you ignore it at your peril.  Keep it simple to start with, for example alphabetical, but don’t be afraid to review it and change it, if issues arise.  Lessons are not social events – if teenagers are allowed to sit next to their friends, they will be more interested in chatting than working.  This is…

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Lesson Planning


Lesson Planning…

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

With the new school year fast approaching, I have reorganised some pages and resources in the never ending quest to make things easy to find! This is an ongoing project.

There are several additions to the Lesson Planning Pages.

Lesson Planning PagesA new series on Tools and Calculators includes for example GeoBoard Activities with GeoBoard resources.
Trangles on a 3x3 piboard

There are many excellent PhET simulations from The University of Colorado Boulder. Look at Trig Tour for example. Note that this is HTML5 so available across platforms.
Trig Tour

I do like to use resources in class that my students can use at home, so for example in the calculators and tools collections (see Calculators – Collections) under Equations – Linear and Quadratic, we have from Mathisfun this very clear and easy to use interactive illustrating the solution of linear equations.

You will also see on the same page this calculator from Math Warehouse which shows the…

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DT & Engineering Blog: Arc Bicycle | 3D-Printing stainless steel


A student team from TU Delft in the Netherlands designed and produced a fully functional 3D printed stainless steel bicycle. The students achieved the goal of their three-month project by printing the frame of the with the help of MX3D in Amsterdam. The Arc Bicycle is the first ever 3D printed metal bicycle to be produced using a welding process.

arc bike 1arc bike 2arc bike 3arc bike 4arc bike 5arc bike 6