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By @MOyebodeTeacher

cropped-dtengineering-logo-square-1.jpgDesign Technology & Engineering Teaching Resources is the home of quality professional teaching & learning resources dedicated to Design Technology (DT) and Engineering.

In the spirit of the Society for Education and Training’s professional standard on collaboration this website was set up to share ideas with other teachers and educators in the design technology and engineering subject field.


6) Build positive and collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners

20) Contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others

Education and Training Foundation’s Professional Standards

About the author:

@MOyebodeTeacher qualified as a Teacher of Design Technology and Engineering in July 2015 at the University of Huddersfield.

@MOyebodeTeacher‘s subject knowledge was initially obtained on his bachelors degree back in 2003 having studied BSc (Hons) in Engineering Product Design at London South Bank University. He keeps up to date with current subject knowledge by personal research and study. He is also a member of a number of organisations including the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) and The Design and Technology Association.

@MOyebodeTeacher used to be a web designer and digital marketer for over 10 years before he trained as a Teacher. He’s passionate about design, technology and gadgets. He also has a particular interest in automotive design and engineering.

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Design Technology Resources: FREE Product Analysis (ACCESS FM) exercise/starter


Product Analysis (ACCESS FM) exercise/starter based on a Mobile Phone Stand

Product Analysis (ACCESS FM) exercise/starter based on a Mobile Phone Stand. Contains images of mobile phone stands in which students choose from. The chosen products is analysed using the Product Analysis form.

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Time to reflect


Excellent and useful article on reflection…

Class Teaching


We all know that a teacher’s favourite month is August…for obvious reasons!  That said though, there’s something strangely satisfying about September.  It’s a time to reflect on the year that has just gone and think about what went well and what you want to focus on over the coming year.  I like the fact that we have a re-start every September.

With this in mind, during our INSET day, we shared some things to encourage all of us to reflect on our classroom practice.  The first was these three questions, from Robert Coe:


These are brilliant questions, that require honest reflection from all teachers.  In the words of Daniel Willingham, ‘memory is the residue of thought’ but in reality, how often do we really require our students to think hard?  This is difficult.  If you have a class of thirty students, they will all have different starting points, so getting all of them…

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SOW for the New Term


Useful Scheme of Work for Year 7 project – Earphone Tidy…


As I am kind and thoughtful I thought I would share a detailed SOW with you, take some of that workload off.

Earphone Tidies SOW inspired by @jamesbleach: Y7_EarphoneTidy

The earphones tidies project works exceedingly well allowing pupils to model and prototype. The main focus for me was to get pupils problem solving and testing, so they used headphones in lesson to help them with evaluating their successes and weaknesses of their idea. It’s a project that allows all pupil to think creatively, yet at the same time it is manageable. You won’t end up with pupils not finished and you pulling your hair out.


Booklet: all good SOW’s need a good booklet. Here’s the one I was using last year, the most up to date one: Yr7_Booklets_HeadPhones_W’sSets

SOW: Y7_EarphoneTidy

Lesson plans:

Lesson 1: Yr7_H&S_Lesson01_Headphonewrap

Lesson 2: Yr7_Keywords_Lesson02_EarphoneTidy (1)

Lesson 3&4: Research_Lesson03&4_EarphoneTidy

Lesson 5&6: Specification&Modelling_Lesson05&6_EarphoneTidy

Rest: Lesson11_EarphoneTidyLesson12&13_EarphoneTidy

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