Ten things I’ve become sure of since becoming an NQT


Ramblings of a Teacher

It’s been a fair while since I took my first step into a classroom knowing that I would be paid for the pleasure. Over that time I’ve got better at some thing and worse at others. But there are some things that I’ve come to be sure of. No great answers; no real wisdom… just experience.

1. Being a teacher is not like I imagined as a kid

I realise that this is very sad, but when I was young I quite liked playing at being a teacher. I had a little exercise book into which I recorded the register of my imaginary pupils. I set homework (long before I actually had any myself!) and organised my class in rows (despite that never happening in any of my primary classrooms). At that age the things that seemed fun to me were doing the register and telling children off.

When I…

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