Managing Behaviour: The Importance of the ‘Meet & Greet’


Behaviour Management is an area of teaching and learning that I have a particular interest in as my PGCE background is Post-16 and that I have worked in challenging secondary schools since obtaining my PGCE.


I attended Behaviour Management and Restorative Justice INSET day at my first school in September run by Pivotal Education. One of the techniques discussed on the INSET day was the ‘Meet & Greet’. Since September, I have been implementing the ‘Meet & Greet’ with my classes as an important tool to get my students ready for learning.

meet and greet

My ‘Meet & Greet’ routine is as follows:


Students line up in single file outside the classroom door.

Students take their coats, scarfs, and gloves off.

Students tuck their shirts in.

Students get their planners and equipment out of bags.

Students are quiet and ready for learning.

I have implement the above with my classes routinely and it has worked because the students soon realise as soon as they get into the classroom that there must be no talking/disruption and must get straight into class work.

teaching and learning.jpg

Before implementing the ‘Meet & Greet’, students usually rock up into the class still having that conversation with their friend started in the playground. And getting prepared in the classroom i.e. taking coats off, taking planners and equipment out of their bags. I find that this takes another 10 minutes of disruption in the classroom.


This disruption does not happen when the ‘Meet & Greet’ is implemented and that’s why it’s so important.


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