Another Six Things – Stretching the High Starters


A useful blog post I discovered about ways in challenging and stretching students in the classroom….

Class Teaching

boy thinkingA few weeks ago I wrote a post about using the 6 principles from ‘Making every lesson count’ to support the learning of students with a low starting point.   This week, I want to turn my attention to our brightest students – the ones with a high starting point.  In the same way that I don’t like the phrase ‘low ability’, as it suggests some kind of pre-determined level in terms of achievement, I don’t care much for phrases such as ‘gifted‘ or ‘high ability’.  Again, the suggestion here is that these students have simply been born bright, without having to get there through hard work and effort.

So, what can we do to stretch our brightest students?  Enrichment activities, such as after school sessions and residential trips are fine…but they are one offs.  Similarly, extension tasks are fine, but it needs more than this.  If…

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