Assembly ideas and materials


Awesome article on assembly ideas and materials…


Here are some materials  to stimulate reflection and discussion in assemblies:

“Merci!” by Christine Rabette.
A 5 minute video without dialogue. It shows the power a person has to change the mood and lift the spirits of others, through laughter – though symbolic of other effects in general. It’s lovely and makes a great assembly.

Mitchell’s moment.

This is a bit of a tear-jerker. It gets me every single time. This is about sportsmanship, inclusion and the relative value of moments of success for different people.

Click to link to original CBS report. Click to link to original CBS report.

The McGurk Effect

The science is fascinating but the message is also helpful – ie that we simply cannot trust our senses alone.  We need to ask questions about what we perceive and what we can remember.

Rory Sutherland Shreddies Advertising

This is very funny and the message in the last few seconds is worthwhile: We need…

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