Boxing up


I stumbled upon an article which describes the ‘Boxing up’ technique in helping students lay out their answers in exams before writing the final answer up.

Class Teaching

boxing1Tonight’s 15 minute forum was led by maths teacher Natasha Bedford.  Natasha described that moment we have all experienced, when marking a set of exam papers and it becomes clear that students just haven’t got a particular question – the ‘face palm’ moment!  This is especially true of the long-response questions, where marks are there to be lost.

boxing2There can be a number of reasons for this.  It might be that the student hasn’t really understood the question, or used the information that they have been given in the question, to help them answer it.  They may not be able to recall the knowledge they will need in order to answer the question, or even misunderstand what form the answer is required in.  And finally, they may have made a silly mistake, but haven’t checked their work and so lost marks.  Natasha has been working on a strategy to help…

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