Putting the OfSTED Framework to good use.


An awesome and useful article on the OfSTED framework…


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Recently we ran a useful OfSTED planning session with my SLT and some key governors to prepare the ground for next year.  We’re hugely likely to be inspected and we thought that, with new governors and refreshed SLT, it was time to revisit the framework together.  I take pride in our stance on OfSTED – which is to take it seriously but keep it very low key. We’re explicitly not an OfSTED-driven school; I never ever refer to OfSTED in messages to staff because anything we need to do, we should be doing  anyway:  a) because we believe in it and/or b) because it simply has to be done to raise standards in the school;  not merely to satisfy external accountability pressure.  That said, OfSTED is there to be dealt with and I want my leaders to be able to take it in their stride without passing on the stress…

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