Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering


Awesome article on the factors that impede students from learning in the classroom…

Breath Math

In day to day life we come across tons of experiences, every minute something happens, sometimes we feel it, we understand it, we love it, we like it, we don’t like it, we hate it etc. It is highly impossible to remember each and everything happens in our life, truth it is!

Sometimes we forget things or concepts which we have learnt previously after 30 minutes, after few hours, after a day, after few days or after few months or years. Somehow, its not possible to remember everything and it is good to forget few experiences, for healthy and happy life. But what in case of STUDIES???!! Terrific if you forget and unable to recall at the right time!

1.pngForgetting is exactly opposite of learning!! Let us know little more about it…

You are not only one, who forget the things or concepts and fail to recall… There are…

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