Group Discussion


An article on implementing group discussions in the classroom…

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Group discussion is a valuable discussion by a selected number of people or discussion done by two or more peoples is also called group discussion. In modern educational system, teachers organize group discussion by selecting pupils of one class to discuss on a selected topic, in the given time. In other words, group is one of the modern method of accessing students personality.

Let us concentrate on group discussion inside the classroom. Generally, group discussion will have eight to twelve pupils in it and the limit will also be given by associated teacher. Other than teacher organized group discussion, students can also organize group discussion for better learning. Let us know the rules to follow in group discussion, uses of group discussion, Do’s and Dont’s in group discussion…

Rules to follow in group discussion:

  1. Discussion topic should be selected in prior.
  2. Limit discussion to the given topic.
  3. Be polite, be…

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