Developing your presence in the classroom


Great article on developing your presence in the classroom…

Class Teaching

Sam Hodnett led the 15 Minute Forum tonight. Sam is a second-year English teacher and she spoke about developing a presence in the classroom. Sam had reflected on her NQT year and was able to identify some of the frustrations that she had felt as an initial teacher.

Sam began with her experiences as an NQT, when she would observe teachers and feel frustrated that she  was not able to be as calm as they were with the same students.picture1 She stated that, as an NQT, she would often ask the question ‘How do you achieve a calm, positive atmosphere with these students?’ when inside she was frustrated that she was not able to do the same. However, over the course of the year, Sam was able to develop strategies and techniques that she could use in her classroom.

A key and important strategy is to start developing your presence, before…

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