What to do with the clever ones?


Awesone article on ‘What to do with the clever ones?’…

Class Teaching

cleverLast Friday we had an INSET day.  Our focus was thinking about how we can push and challenge those students with a high stating point, so that they make even more progress.  Our starting point was to think about something we often get wrong in education – thinking that correlation and causation are the same thing.

The previous week, I had been fortunate to hear David Didau talk at the West Sussex Deputies Network conference.  David mentioned how The Welsh Education  Department had been trying, a few years ago, to identify why students in Wales, were underachieving compared to students in England.  They noticed that boys were underperforming compared to girls, and so saw this as a possible cause.   This was useful as it seems entirely feasible and is of course, easy to plan interventions around.  It’s convenient.  The problem is though of course, that it’s a correlation, not a…

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