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Calm and Purposeful Classroom Environment…

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John Lamb (AHT) and I walked around the school today, looking for ways in which our teachers maintained a calm and purposeful classroom environment in their lessons.  It was great to see how skilled our teachers are at doing this, in a very subtle but effective way.

The following five things jumped out at us.

1. Start of lesson

The start of the lesson really sets the tone for the rest of the lesson.  It is the point where the teacher assumes control and sets out what and how the students will be learning that lesson.  We saw three great examples of this being done well:

  • The teacher was stood in the middle of the classroom, moving up and down the aisle, talking about and questioning students confidently about the lesson.  It was clear that the lesson had started and that she was in control!
  • Starting the lesson with a recap…

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