Non-Confrontational Behaviour Management


Non-Confrontational Behaviour Management…

Class Teaching


Tonight’s 15 Minute Forum was led by Assistant Headteacher John Lamb.  John started the session by making it clear that the job of getting a class of hormonal teenagers to do what we want, is one of the hardest jobs around – in fact it can often feel like a battle.  However, as an adult and a professional, it is our right to set an agenda, so that:

  • A focus on learning is possible;
  • Children feel safe;
  • Everyone is treated in a dignified and respectful way.

To be clear from the start – when we talk about non-confrontational approaches to behaviour management, we are not being soft or trying to be a friend.  We are just dealing with things in an adult way, that will resolve (most) issues rather than inflame them.

Ultimately, we cannot control the behaviour of teenagers – there are too many factors at play, such…

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