How to get the best from your TA


How to get the best from your TA

Class Teaching

Tonight’s 15 Minute Forum was led by our SENCO, Carole Marsh

The Issue

In response to recent research into the role and work of teaching assistants by Rob Webster and others we have been changing the way TAs:

  • support SEND students in class
  • Work with teachers in class

Students with SEND who experience high amounts of teaching assistant (TA) support are at risk of developing learned helplessness.

  • none of this is a reflection on TAs
  • it is a recognition of how a core part of SEND provision has evolved, largely unchallenged.

What the research points to

The traditional deployment of TAs has been based on 2 untested assumptions …

  • support from TAs leads to positive outcomes for students … particularly low attaining and those with SEN … a natural assumption that if teaching assistants work alongside students with SEN there will be an increase in achievement
  • There are positive effects for teachers.

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