Some tips for new teachers


Some tips for new teachers

Class Teaching

Tonight’s 15 minute forum was led by third year teacher Jack Griffiths.  Jack shared some of the practical tips he has received over the last three years from colleagues, that have helped to make his life as a teacher smoother.

You get A LOT of feedback during your PGCE year and even more, potentially conflicting,  during your NQT year.  You need to recognise which pieces of feedback you are going to take forward into your teaching career, in order to make you more efficient.  For example, during my training year, one teacher told me how important it was to show students what you are like when you are angry, as this will make them not want to make you angry.  This didn’t seem to work for this teacher, as he seemed angry a lot.  It also didn’t seem very nice.  So I ignored this advice. Similarly, one person told me not…

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