Juggling – Part 1


Juggling – Part 1…

Class Teaching

Tonight’s 15 minute forum was led by Director of English Kate Bloomfield.   Kate is not only a fantastic teacher and Head of English, but also an expert juggler!  Kate explained how the experiences of the novice juggler, exemplify the learning process – and so give us much to reflect on as teachers, to inform our own teaching.  It was a very hands on session – with Kate teaching a drama studio full of adults how to juggle for the first time, from a single ball, to two balls and then three balls!  Part 2 is next week!

The key points stressed by Kate follow and show very clearly how learning anything is supported by our 6 pedagogical principles.

A skill that looks difficult; many people believe they will not be able to learn it. Mindset is key: “I can’t do this yet.” (challenge)

Big picture overview first – then broken down into stages…

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