DT & Engineering Blog: NowPresso – First Portable Lithium Battery Espresso Machine


CAD animation of NowPresso – the World’s First Portable, Lithium Battery operated Espresso Machine, compatible with Nespresso® capsules that boils water.


1. Portable and lightweight the XSPROFIX can travel with you wherever you go.

2. Operating from a removable lithium battery means your coffee fix has no boundaries with power not required. Charging time: 2.5 hours.

3. Works with boiled water or boils water on the spot.

4. Full charge using boiled water: 100 cups. Full charge boiling cold water: 3 cups.

5. Fully automated and easy to use system. One button for all functions.

6. Compatible only with Nespresso® capsules means your coffee quality is assured as well as being compact and mess free.

7. Coffee directly pours into the silicon grip drinking cup and detaches for drinking.

8. Travel accessory bags including main carry bag that holds three Nespresso® capsules.

xsprofix 1xsprofix 2xsprofix 3xsprofix 4xsprofix 5

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