Twenty Teacher Types – a real-life test of leadership.


Twenty Teacher Types – a real-life test of leadership…



In my experience, the toughest part of being a school leader is dealing with all the different personalities in a large staff.  Delivering on your grand vision stands or falls on whether you can mobilise the staff in your team – always a diverse, complex group of individuals. Getting everyone to give their best and work towards some shared goals is easier said than done.

At a recent middle leaders training event we discussed some of the teacher-types and how to manage them.  Of course no-one is really defined by a type – it’s lazy code for how they sometimes present in specific situations.  However, these things are real enough in practice. People are complicated.

How would you deal with them?

  1. Maverick Genius – someone who is genuinely hugely talented and delivers the goods with the students but insists on doing it their way; not a team-player, sometimes wilfully individualistic…

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