SOW – iPhone Case & Packaging



An up-to-date scheme of work that ticks lots of boxes in the curriculum spec can be hard to come by… well look no further because I have a great SOW that students love and I have even designed a booklet to go with it that is free to download!

I originally designed this SOW to meet some of the requirements of the new DT specification and we use it with Y8 on a 12 week rotation. Here are the areas/skills that the SOW covers:

  • Design context and problem solving for a design brief.
  • Research of the client and consumer.
  • Primary & secondary research – Questionnaires & product analysis.
  • Designing in relation to design eras of the 1900’s.
  • Generating creative solutions/designs in consideration to a design specification.
  • Ergonomics, Anthropometrics & Prototyping.
  • Design development – Manufacturing Diary.
  • Evaluation of design solutions.
  • Extension task – designing for different clients.
  • Sanding, sublimation printing, heat press, hot…

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