Teaching for Distinction @OldhamCollege. FE CPD in action.


Teaching for Distinction @OldhamCollege. FE CPD in action.


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 17.21.45 The principles of Teaching for Distinction apply to all college faculty areas. 

Following on from the first post outlining our Teaching for Distinction Programme, here is an update including more of the materials.  We’ve just completed the introductory day on Modules 4-6 alongside a recap of Modules 1-3.  Oliver Caviglioli produced these lovely infographics to summarise some of the key elements of each module – although it’s important to stress that there is a lot more to each module.  All the modules are supported by books, videos and online articles that tutors can access via the staff online network.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 17.11.54.png Modules 1 – 3

The pdf can be downloaded here Modules 1-3 infographic v2 (1)  Please feel free to take a look  – (but please don’t circulate widely without asking.)  You can see that we’ve collected ideas from a lot of writers and researchers.  All members of staff have…

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