Tackle Workload. This bandwagon actually matters.


A great article on tackling workload…


office-sign-workload-612x675.jpg Image: Business Horse Power

Everyone is talking about workload and rightly so.  It’s even becoming a line of enquiry for inspections.  The folk up at Wizard of O HQ are banging on about it – because they are the new Good Guys –  and Headteachers now have an extra incentive to make sure they are doing something.  This time, happily, this bandwagon is something we can all agree is necessary.  Even though real terms budget cuts mean schools have fewer admin staff to make people’s lives easier and teachers have MaxPlus timetable loadings and bigger classes – making workload potentially harder to manage – there is still plenty that we can do.

Some workload issues require a major culture shift; some simply need us to rebalance the trade-off between the benefits of autonomy  and the benefits of working collaboratively within an agreed system; others need us to stop doing certain…

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