Understanding Assessment: A blog guide


Understanding Assessment: A blog guide


In my experience, assessment is widely misunderstood by a lot of people in education – which is a worry given how much of it we do and how high the stakes are with formal assessment issues.  There all kinds of confusions, false premises, false promises and circularities across the system.   There are too many people driving decisions who don’t really understand the mechanisms at work.  That’s what I see.

What we can measure, the meaning of different modes of assessment, the weight we place on assessments and the degree of reliability in data – these are all questions teachers and leaders need to explore.  Sometimes things get so mixed up it’s as if all the tools have got jumbled:

  • Your high jump is Amber; you are developing the ability to secure a high height. 
  • Your art work has a score of  4.7. This represents progress of -0.46
  • Your working-at…

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