Formative feedback in art


Formative feedback in art

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The eternal quest to find the perfect feedback balance is something teachers at all levels wrestle with both at a strategic and day-to-day level.  In this week’s teaching forum head of art and technology Gail Christie shares an insight into how teachers use formative feedback in her department.

Art feedback 1

The research evidence behind the power of feedback, and particularly formative feedback, is extremely strong, and comes from several sources, be that John Hattie’s meta-analysis, the EEF toolkit, Daisy Christodoulou, or Dylan Wiliam.  However, the devil lies in the detail and the positive effects only relate to good feedback, in fact when it goes wrong the positive effects can quickly be reserved.  This problem is supported by a meta-analysis by Kluger and DeNisi which found that 38% of feedback studies included actually had negative effects.

When picking through the feedback minefield I always find it useful to keep this particular Dylan Wiliam quote…

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