Mode A + Mode B = Effective teaching and a rich enacted curriculum


Mode A + Mode B = Effective teaching and a rich enacted curriculum


The slide below is one that I often use in my CPD presentations.  The percentages are revealed after some reflection time.  I’m keen to stress that, as a physics teacher, this is how I see my time is divided.  I am not recommending this particular split; I am reporting my experience of it.  Other teachers might have a different sense of it – although I do often get quite strong agreement.

I invented Mode A: Mode B as a short-hand for different elements in the teaching-mix to get across the idea that, whilst some strategies are much more likely to be effective for certain purposes, there are multiple purposes – so it’s likely that we’ll need a mix of approaches over time. This links to the balanced diet idea I wrote about a long time ago.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 06.07.23 These percentages are mine.  What are yours? 

Beyond the early years, a lot of…

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