Year 7 and the joy of learning new subjects


Year 7 and the joy of learning new subjects

Class Teaching

When we are not daydreaming of sun-kissed vacations in La Rochelle and Tuscany, June and July is the time that we begin turning our attention towards the next academic year. This year, I am aiming to place more attention than ever before on my opening lessons with Year 7. The start of secondary school is a critical time and it is important that our new recruits get off to a flying start.

There is a well-described dip in performance and progress between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. This dip is not fully understood. It is probably caused by a number of interlinked factors: changes in social groupings; changes in routines; the switch from a single teacher to discrete subjects; the differing emphasises of primary school and secondary school; and the onset of adolescence and the cognitive and emotional changes that come with it.

The subject matter, ideas and…

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