Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment


Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment

Class Teaching

This year, the Durrington Research School Team have been working on producing a new ‘Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment Policy’.  The aim of this policy is to ensure that through curriculum, teaching and assessment all students, especially those in at-risk sub-groups, will:

  1. Make significant academic progress over their 11 years at school.
  2. Develop and retain the knowledge (declarative i.e. knowledge you can think about and say and procedural i.e. knowledge you can do) and cultural capital (including relevant tier two and tier three vocabulary) that will enrich their experience and empower them to access, the next stage of their education, find suitable employment and participate in a democratic society.
  3. Value learning for its own sake and develop a range of skills, aptitudes and personal qualities to take into life. These will include non-cognitive skills (such as resilience, working with others, acceptance of feedback and kindness), metacognitive skills (such as…

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