Get Into Teaching. The best job going.


Get Into Teaching. The best job going.


One of the great joys of my current work as a travelling education consultant and teacher trainer is that I get to meet teachers everywhere; all over the UK; all over the world.  Everywhere I go I encounter wonderful teams of people doing incredible work, full of energy, enthusiasm, a sense of mission; bursting with ideas, possibilities, passions…. and loving it.   This is teaching.

If you are a teacher, think about all the reasons to be cheerful.  We have the best job; we work in the best places.  If you’re considering teaching, my advice is not to hesitate – go for it.  Join this great profession. Give it a go.   You’ll be making a massive difference and enjoying a rewarding professional career; you’ll have opportunities to do all kinds of interesting and challenging things; you’ll be part of a vibrant dynamic community in your own school and beyond  – there…

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