Ofsted Inspection is Deeply Flawed – says a serving inspector.


Ofsted Inspection is Deeply Flawed – says a serving inspector.


As someone who has raised multiple concerns about the validity of inspection processes over several years, I often receive messages from people on the receiving end.   This year alone, at least 10 different people have shared their bad experiences; their feelings of injustice, insecurity, demoralisation, disillusionment – after an Ofsted inspection that has taken them to the brink.  It’s common to hear that a lead inspector forms a view that, once voiced, never shifts; all they do is line up evidence to support their case.   To me, this is systemic – it’s not about a few rotten apples who don’t get in line with the current framework and myth-busting.

Very recently I was contacted out of the blue by a serving inspector who wanted to express their concerns from the perspective of conducting inspections for Ofsted in its current form, based on the latest training.   The inspector told me the following:

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