Creating a writing focused classroom


Creating a writing focused classroom

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As we know, the current generation are hugely criticised for their lack of independence. Thanks to technology, students are used to getting answers at the click of a button. Thanks to the pressure put on results, it can be difficult, as a teacher, to ‘let go’ and allow students to freely write. These two things combined can result in students being unmotivated and expectant, especially when it comes to extended writing tasks. Students will be doing it alone in that final exam. Writing for two and a half hours with no talking. It’s important to start preparing students for this prior to that exam.

This year in English, I’ve had a ‘bottom set’ (whatever that means). At the start of the year it was an effort to get students writing anything, as they would fire constant questions to distract from the set task and attempt to detour the lesson to…

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