Using Assessment Tickets


Using Assessment Tickets…

Mr Liver

Year 8 – Assessing email skills

img_1049 Assessment Tickets in ICT

The assessment ticket is created for the work beforehand and the criteria is shared with the students.

The advantages of using the assessment tickets:

  • means all staff are marking against the same criteria
  • feedback to the students is linked to the success criteria
  • feedback is quick
  • students can quickly identify what they need to demonstrate in their work to improve

Two different coloured pens (red and green) are used to show the before DIRT and after DIRT marking. The work is on the computer therefore the student has reflected on what they have done to improve their work through a written comment in their booklet which the teacher has signed off.


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Resource: DT Homework and Assessment


DT & Engineering Blog: Starship Robot Delivery


In November 2016, a Starship Delivery Robot made its first delivery in Redwood City, California. The local bakery, Cafe La Tartine used a Starship Robot to deliver 15 choclate cookies to a house in the local neighbourhood.

Starship Technologies have built the world’s first commercially available autonomous delivery robot. The robots have been running in 58 cities and 16 countries, in the aim to bring affordable, convienant and efficient on-demand delivery to consumers and businesses.

starship robot 1starship robot 2starship robot

When is a penknife a pocket knife?


When is a penknife a pocket knife?

Royal Armouries

In today’s blog, Peter Smithurst, Curator Emeritus of Historical Firearms at The Royal Armouries explains the difference between a penknife and a pocket knife.

I was asked recently about terminology in cutlery, especially pen and pocket knives.

Firstly, when is a penknife a pocket knife?

Traditionally a penknife was used of course for cutting a quill pen. Its blade was fairly small and had a razor-edge. To enable it to hold an edge, the blade was also very hard which also made it very brittle and easily chipped or simply broken – they are often found damaged because people used them for other things like sharpening pencils and finished up taking a chunk out of the blade. A pocket knife was much tougher – its blade is not so brittle so it can be used for other things like whittling bits of wood or taking insulation off electric cable or…

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The Birth of Stainless Steel


The Birth of Stainless Steel…

Royal Armouries

On the 2nd October 1913, the eve of the First World War, a routine report was written in the Brown-Firth Research Laboratory in Sheffield, the benefits of which we are still reaping today.

Its author, Harry Brearley, chief metallurgist at Thomas Firth & John Brown Limited, had discovered Stainless Steel. Although his discovery sprang from a need to improve the weapons of war, Brearley had produced a material with properties that continues to provide countless benefits to mankind.

By the time of Brearley’s report, Thomas Firth & John Brown Limited had a well-established reputation in the field of armaments, having been formed through the amalgamation of two companies with a history as suppliers of steel, components and finished products to both governments and private contractors alike.

di-2017-0160 Harry Brearley © Sheffield Libraries and Archives /

Thomas Firth supplied steel to the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield for the manufacture…

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DT & Engineering Blog: Brompton Electric folding bike


Designed by world class engineers, the Brompton Electric fits all the technology and power needed into a small, lightweight and portable package.

The Brompton Electric is a folding bike you can take anywhere with you. Fold up and jump on the train, bus or car. Unfold and make your next meeting. Feel unstoppable in the city with the Brompton Electric bike. Fly up hills. Feel like every ride has a tailwind. See more. Do more. Arrive fresh, and on time, every time.

brompton electric