School race hate crime reports almost double in a year


Reports of race-related hate crimes have increased by 44% in schools in Leeds over the space of a year.


Figures from Leeds City Council show the total number of incidents logged rose from 270 to 390.

Patrick Murphy, from the National Union of Teachers, said: “I am not surprised by the figures.

“You can get improvements in reporting these figures, but I don’t think that would explain the level of jump here.

“I think some of the progress of the work that has been done over the last 10 to 15 years has been eroded by the atmosphere around Brexit. It’s empowered a negative attitude towards other people.”

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, executive member for learning, skills and employment, said he was “troubled” by the increase.

“It’s really important that schools and other education settings know how to deal with hate incidents, so children and young people know from an early age it will not be tolerated and victims can be supported,” he said.

Toxic tough talk is still killing us and needs to stop.


Toxic tough talk is still killing us and needs to stop.


Although I’m an optimistic by nature and see lots of wonderful things happening in our system, this is something that still bothers me…. so I’m going to off-load about it.

I remember hosting a Headteachers’ event at my school – when I had one – when a well-informed policy thinktank person laid out some home truths for us.  (No names because I can’t remember if it was meant for public consumption….). Here’s what we were told:

  • Politicians are motivated by getting elected… therefore they are motivated to do things and say things they think will deliver their re-election; this is hard-wired to be short-term given our electoral cycle.
  • In public opinion terms, it pays not to appear soft on schools or teachers.  There are no votes there.  It pays to talk tough to teachers.
  • Teachers are a minority voice versus parents – so if parents say they want things that…

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Five Tips for Making the Most of Gained Time


Five Tips for Making the Most of Gained Time

Class Teaching

It’s the time of year when the once faint glimmer of Year 11 gained time is now a blazing light for many teachers. Despite best intentions, it is all too easy to let these gained hours slip away and to have little left to show for them other than a rearranged desk drawer and some alphabetised folders.

To help ensure that gained time means what is says on the tin, science teacher Bex Owen has shared five invaluable tips and ideas about how to make these hours as productive as possible over the next few weeks.

1. List the Little Things

Bex is a lover of lists. At this point in the academic year, Bex strongly advocates making a list of the niggling tasks that you have wanted to sort out during the year but have pushed back due to more high-profile jobs. Taking time now to tweak resources that…

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