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Being a Designer means stepping out of your comfort zone and forgetting about your own preferences & needs. However, I have noticed that this is sometimes lost in classroom practice. Students are given a design brief or problem to solve, yet the final outcome is bias and based upon what THEY like and want. Students design something for themselves that they can take home and use.

I was fed up of students becoming fixated, so I decided to design Consumer Profile cards that will enable students to think about other people when designing a solution to a brief.


The cards are written purposely in a paragraph so that students can use the information, like a reading comprehension, to dissect the important facts that they need to know. This will show a detailed understanding.

The cards include a range of people that have a variety of likes, needs and wants. This encourages…

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Teaching for Distinction @OldhamCollege


Teaching for Distinction…


The most exciting job I’ve had since starting out with Teacherhead Consulting has been working with Oldham College.  Principal Alun Francis approached me to explore whether there was scope in applying current thinking around teaching and learning, curriculum planning and my experience of the delivery of CPD in schools to the FE setting.   He was keen to move away from the one-off CPD day where the impact can be marginal.  He was also keen to explore the idea of a ‘powerful knowledge’ curriculum in FE, not least because so many technical and vocational courses are moving to include examined components.

Working with Alun and Rachel Irving, the Head of Teaching and Learning,  I spent a few days in Oldham talking to a range of members of staff – tutors, Heads of Faculty, members of the senior leadership team.  I observed a few lessons and got a feel for the…

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Architecture Scheme of Work KS3-4


Architecture Scheme of Work KS3-4…



‘Even a brick wants to be something’

It’s that time of year where GCSE’s have taken front seat, yet there’s always time for some sharing of Schemes or Work. It’s my present to you in the mist of all the GCSE chasing and sweating to get coursework in to meet deadlines.

This Scheme of work was created with the help of Demian Erbar who runs a Architecture firm in the City. I met him through The Royal Institute of British Architects, when I visited an event they hosted for a pilot program they were running, which was linking Architects with schools. The time Demian put in was priceless and he directly influenced a scheme of work I implemented this year to aid more creative outputs for year 9. The benefit of an Architectural project is the freedom for iterative design it gives pupils and the level of creative direction they have over…

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